Electricity is a serious game.  Even though it is hard to fathom that wiring can be done differently from one electrician to another, we are here to tell you it can. Unfortunately we see it all the time.

Majority of our work is new builds and renovations, though with the loyal customer base that we have consistently retained over the years, we do a lot of trouble shooting and fault finds also. 

Some of the electrical services that Electrix all Blew can offer you:

- Board upgrades and safety checks

- Renovations

  1. -New homes

- Overhead services

- Outdoor/garden lighting and planning

- Pools/Spas

- Under floor heating

- Fault finds and trouble shooting

- Automative Systems

- LED installations and changeovers/upgrades

  1. -Rectification of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR)

(What is EMR? See link in above nav bar to find out whats it about)

  1. -Shop fit outs and renovations

  2. -Board upgrades and safety checks

- Overhead supply and services

- Outdoor lighting and planning

- Fault finds and trouble shooting

- Automative systems

- LED installations and changeovers/upgrades

  1. -Rectification of EMR

- Mains supply and cable runs

  1. -Three phase work

  2. -Working with regulatory bodies and other contracted parties

to ensure compliance and smooth work processes for the ultimate


If you have something that you need help with that differs from the above, give Steve a call to chat though.

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