Electro Magnetic Radiation is a term used to describe a stream of energy-bearing particles that travels outward from an electro magnetic source. The energy in these streams can vary in power, and is measured by the electro magnetic spectrum. This type of radiation can be beneficial, harmless or extremely dangerous to humans, depending on the source, level of radiation, and duration of exposure.

Man-made sources of electro magnetic radiation include X-rays, radio waves and microwaves, although some natural sources exist as well. Microwaves and radio waves are used by humans to power machines and increase communication abilities. Mobile phones, radios, microwave ovens and radars all create electromagnetic radiation. This has lead to some concern that the growing prevalence of electro magnetic devices will lead to large increases in illnesses caused by radiation, such as cancer.

The power contained in electro magnetic radiation can be both helpful and destructive to humans. Although it has become a vital part of technology, it also remains an enormous liability to human health. Over exposure to radiation, whether in an acute dose or a slow, continual intake, can quickly lead to illness and even a painful death. However, as this type of radiation is also a natural part of the human environment, exposure to some radiation is unavoidable.

So what does this actually mean and why are we talking about it?

EMR if found in your home has been linked to the following health issues:

  1. -Headaches

  2. -Childhood Leukemia

- Sleep disturbances in adults and children

  1. -Lethargy

  2. -Heart palpitations

  3. -Chronic Fatigue and a range of cancers

It is often when a home is not wired correctly or the electrician does not take into account other factors of the residence’s build (metal plumbing pipes for example), these electro magnetic fields can come into existence. Electrix all Blew works alongside the experts in the field of detecting these dangerous fields. 

John Lincoln runs a company called EMR Surveys.  He is based in Sydney’s North Shore and has all the metering tools to detect these fields. He has featured on 60 Minutes and Today Tonight covering this issue (see below youtube video).

Electrix all Blew has been working with John for over 10 years.  We work with John to rectify, put quite simply, bad wiring. Installed by guys who have no idea what they are doing, or rather, no idea of the effect of their wiring standards to residents of the property or building.

To that point, it is not just homes that are affected.  Offices can be a massive concern due to our work centered lives. Many people spend more time in the office than in their own homes.

Case Study: In January 2012, we worked in a North Sydney high rise office that had incredibly high readings of magnetic fields which were making staff and also the residents in the residential units above sick - life threatening sick. It was a massive job where where extremely high magnetic fields appeared whenever lighting was switched on.  Staff were working in these conditions for 8-10 hours a day. Really sad. But, we worked closely with John for weeks and were able to rectify the issue successfully.

Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation/fields has been associated with a range of effects that can have a deleterious effect on workers and productivity.

Long-term exposure of workers to EMR has been associated with a range of health problems, including Alzheimer's Disease, cancers and brain tumours. Reducing exposure helps reduce the likelihood of health problems and workers often report feeling better afterwards.

EMR has been shown to cause a stress response in cells and in the HPA-stress axis. Stress is a commonly-reported problem in many workplaces and has a deleterious effect on workers' concentration, performance, immunity and health, increasing the likelihood of accidents and absenteeism.

Scientists have shown that EMR changes brain wave patterns during sleep, including reducing REM sleep that is important for memory and learning. It has further been shown to reduce the quality and quantity of sleep. Reduced sleep time and quality is associated with reduced performance and increased risk of accidents.

To that end, if you have unexplained illnesses or ongoing health issues, contact John Lincoln direct through his website... and let him know we sent you!!

All the best in health.

Electrix all Blew.






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